Users of your online platform will need to see all the details of the membership they have purchased on your platform and manage their billing.

That’s why in this post we show you how to display the user’s membership page in the frontend with a few clicks using WP Frontend Admin.

This page is provided by WP Ultimo in the WordPress backend.

Just follow these simple steps.

1- Create a new page on the site template

Go to Network Admin > Sites and open the Dashboard of the front-end dashboard site.

Now you need to go to Pages and click Add New to create a new page.

On that page, you need to enter the shortcode that will display the user’s account page.

WP Ultimo 2 Users

You need to use this shortcode:

[vg_display_admin_page page_url="admin.php?page=account"]

WP Ultimo 1 users

You need to use this shortcode:

[vg_display_admin_page page_url="admin.php?page=wu-my-account"]

Then click Preview to view and edit the page on the frontend.

IMPORTANT – You’ll get a message telling you’re trying to open a page for which you don’t have the right permissions. This happens because the current user is a super administrator and it’s not a real user.

The solution is to create a new site on your network and associate it with a membership plan. After that, reload the page and you’ll see the page content and be able to edit it using WP Frontend Admin.

2- Configure the page title, URL, template, and menu

To configure the page title, URL, template, and menu, you need to select the following values:

  • Page Title: Enter the page title in this field.
  • URL Slug: Enter the page slug on this page.
  • Page Template: Default
  • Add page to this menu: Select the Main Menu.

You need to tick the Hide notices added by other plugins and themes checkbox and then click Save to publish the page.


After these steps, you’ll have created the WP Ultimo membership page on the frontend and added it to the front-end dashboard menu.

When users open their membership page, they will see something like this:

Account Page

Here, users will be able to see:

  • Plan details
  • Account status
  • Sites
  • Billing History
  • Etc.

How can users set their own domains?

Users will be able to set their own domains using the Custom Domain section on the page. Just remember that this feature will depend on the membership plan preferences so it can be activated on specific plans manually.