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After installing the required plugins, the next step is to create the membership plans with the WP Ultimo plugin.

As we’ve mentioned in previous entries, WP Ultimo allows us to sell memberships on a WordPress Multisite network. We can create membership plans, coupons, enable features for different plans, etc.

Here we show you how to create a membership plan from scratch with WP Ultimo and how to allow your users to use Custom Domains for their sites.

1- How to enable custom domains for your plans

A custom domain is a unique name that identifies a website, for example, site.com.

We will enable this feature for your customers to pay you extra money to use a custom domain for their sites.

Follow these steps to enable the Custom Domain feature in WP Ultimo.

First, open the Network Admin dashboard.

open network admin

Now go to Network Admin > WP Ultimo > Domain Mapping & SSL and select these settings:

  1. Enable Domain Mapping: Yes
  2. Enable Custom Domains: Yes
  3. Force Admin Redirect: Allow access to the admin by both mapped domain and network domain
  4. Force HTTPs for the Admin Panel: Yes
  5. Force HTTPs for Subdomains: Yes
  6. Force HTTPs for Custom Domains: No
  7. Allow Page Unmapping: Yes
  8. Force HTTPs on Unmapped Pages: No
  9. Enable Single Sign-On: No
  10. Network IP Address: Enter the current website’s IP address or leave it black to automatically use the IP detected by the plugin as default.
  11. Click Save Changes.

Note: Click the image to enlarge it, or Right click + Open image in new tab.

2- How to create membership plans with Wp Ultimo

Once you have enabled the Custom Domain feature, you can start creating your membership plans.

Go to wp-admin > Plans.

membership plans wp ultimo

Click Add new Plan or edit one of the default plans.

a) Select the title and description OF THE membership PLAN

  • Enter the plan title in Add New Plan.
  • Enter the plan description in Plan Description.

new membership plans wp ultimo

b) Set the general settings of the membership plan

In Plan Settings > General, select the following settings:

  • Plan Slug: Enter the slug for your plan. If you prefer, leave it empty and the plugin will assign it automatically based on the name at the moment of saving the plan.
  • Custom Domain: Enable or disable the use of the custom domain feature for this plan.
  • Trial Period: Enter the number of days the trial period will last. This is OPTIONAL.
  • Role: Select the role WP Ultimo will assign the users when they buy this membership plan. It should be the “administrator” role, so the customer can manage site settings, etc.

c) Select the quotas and limits of the membership plan

In Plan Settings > Quotas & Limits, you can select the following parameters:

membership plans wp ultimo

  • Posts Quota: Enter how many posts to allow for this plan or Disable for this plan.
  • Pages Quota: Enter how many pages to allow for this plan or Disable for this plan.
  • Media Quota: Enter how many files to allow for this plan or Disable for this plan.
  • Products Quota: You should keep this to 0 for unlimited products. But you decide how to configure the plans.

You can also select these other parameters for your plan in this section:

  • Disk Space: Select how much disk space you want to assign to this plan.
  • Extra Users: Select how many extra users the site administrator can add with this plan.
  • Sites: How many sites the user can create with this plan.
  • Visits: How many visits the sites in this plan can get.

d) Select the content that will appear in the pricing table

In Plan Settings > Pricing Table, you can select what quotas and limits you want to display on the pricing page.

Just tick the elements to show on the pricing table and leave the ones you want to hide:

  • Display the Setup Fee
  • Display Posts
  • Display Pages
  • Display Media
  • Display My Templates
  • Display Products
  • Display My Library
  • Display the Upload Limit
  • Display the Sites Limit
  • Display the Visit Limit

e) Select the allowed plugins and themes for the membership plan

  • If you go to Allowed plugins, you can select which plugins will be allowed for the plan you’re creating. However, it’s important to mention that WP Ultimo can only limit plugins that are not network-active.
  • If you go to Allowed Themes, you’ll see the themes activated for the entire network. Select the ones you want to allow for this membership plan.

In this case, all our plans will have the same features (they will be able to create full stores). So we will allow all plugins in the plans.

But if you want to offer different features per plan, for example, you can install a plugin for marketing automations, and only enable this plugin for customers with a specific plan.

f) Select the price and visibility of the membership plan

Finally, set the prices and visibility of the plan:

  • Is this a free plan: Tick this if it’s a free plan.
  • Is this a Contact Us plan: Tick this if it’s a Contact Us plan
  • Monthly price: Enter the monthly price.
  • 3 Mo Price: Enter the quarterly price.
  • Yearly Price: Enter the yearly price.
  • Featured Plan: Tick this if it’s a featured plan.
  • Hidden plan: Tick this to hide the plan from the pricing page.

membership plans wp ultimo

Finally, click Create Plan, and the plan will be added to the membership plans list.

Now you can follow the same steps to create the other membership plans with WP Ultimo.

3- Set up WP Ultimo’s payment gateways

Once you create your WP Ultimo membership plan, you can proceed to set up WP Ultimo payment gateways.

Here are some tutorials on how to configure different payment gateways:

After creating membership plans and setting up the payment gateways, you can continue building your online stores platform.