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Front end admin

Very good plugin. Saved me heaps of time compared to using something like ACF. Jose is a top notch developer and is very supportive. Thank you WPFE

Noel Williams

best plugin i ever used- they have all solution built in with wpfa

the best plugin I ever used- they have all solutions built-in with wpfa, and amazing support, I’ve never seen a “no” from their support, they always solve each and everything.thank you for the amazing plugin


Simplifying Frontend Dashboards with WordPress

WP Frontend Admin makes creating dashboards ridiculously easy. If you are looking for similar solutions, stop and try it out. Chances are you'll come back here to write a 5-start review yourself.

Abhijeet Deshpande

Fantastic Plugin and Support

The team will go above and beyond to make sure you’re taken care of! Every time I’ve had a question or concern, there is someone on live chat WAITING to speak with me. In 10 years of development I can count on one hand the Plugin providers that I’ve been impressed by. WPFrontendAdmin is at the very top of that list! Kudos to the team for a great product and even better support!


It is great plugin.

It is a great plug-in to embed backend page to front-end.

Ankit Kumar

Great plugin and awesome support

Great plugin and awesome support

Marco Stella

Great plugin, great support

Great idea for a WP plugin, and fantastic execution. When I had a minor issue Jose got back to me quickly and found the root cause in no time. Highly recommend this plugin.

Matthew Isbrecht

Great Support and Quick Turnaround

I really like this plugin. It gives front-end access to any page from the back-end very effectively. You will not be disappointed if you are looking for a solution that provides access to pages that would otherwise have to be displayed inside the wordpress dashboard and thereby not jeopardize your site to novice users. The level of professionalism and timely manner in which support is offered is outstanding and they are truly there to help.


Good plugin, great support

Very helpful support. I was having some issues with getting the frontend to be exactly how I wanted it, and the support helped me out within minutes and everything looks great now.


Powerful plugin, Great support 🙂

This plugin has so many features to create the application, custom dashboard without codding and the platform. They have a awesome team. They have helped me every time. I love this plugin and their theam. They are the BEST. Thank you again for your awesome plugin 🙂


Great Plugin, Great Support & Team..Saved Me!

I have been looking for this plugin …well I was hoping for this plugin and then I finally discovered WP Frontend Admin. This plugin has saved me a lot of time and heartache. Thank you team for your top notch support and quality plugin.


I created a beautiful customer hub with this product!

After trying several similar products, I settled on using WP Frontend Admin for my WaaS site. This plugin allowed me to create an amazing customer hub that loads fast and looks great.

Albert Chosky

Convenience, easy and very usefull

I love this because its convenience, easy and very usefull. Even the support is great too ????????

Ijmal Akbar

Perfect plugin, perfect support and amazing people!

So. I work for a non-profit organisation in Switzerland. We wanted to have a website to connect our members and to allow them to share documents. And now I use the WP FRONTEND ADMIN plugin to display my media library in the frontend to create a user-friendly ''file sharing'' platform. It's easy to use, clean and straight forward. I had been looking for a plugin with these funtionalities for a while. And I was really excited when I came across this great product. I bought the premium version and went to work. As expected the plugin covered all my needs and more. But unfornately, I had a few problems getting the plugin running as I needed it to. I tried a few things but I failed. So I contacted the support team. And the help I got (from Jonathan Gomez) was amazing. He was really patient and professional. And in a matter of a few days I got everything running thanks to his help. Great work guys!

Nicole Seiler

quick and easy

We looked already a long time to bring some specific parts of the admin-pages to the front end, to allow (less IT-experienced employees) do to quickly minor changes. Perfect for that goal !

Koen Michielsen

Really useful

This plugin comes really handy when you need to have a frontend (ex.: for shop manager) with specific functionality. With this plugin you can determine exactly what is present and what not at the frontend.

Ermo S.

Good Functionality

Good for allowing users to upload post/ pages from the frontend.
Handy for users that are not familiar with wordpress.



The plugin is solid. If you want to display post types on the front end, or only allow people to view the post types they’ve created, or edit with gutenberg on the front end, this will let you do it all. What they don’t tell you (or at least what they try to hide from you) is how secretly amazing their support is? I’m not joking. Like… I messaged these wonderful people at very strange hours and surprisingly got a reply, and if they weren’t open at the time I needed help, they got back to me within a few hours and always fixed my problem. They even helped with integrating another plugin I was having issues with when it came to it displaying on the front end. They’re seriously awesome, all of them. Thank you Jose and Marlene!!!


Well done!

I think this is good product, it does what I expected.

Hugh Le

Super Intense!

Great Plugin a little tricky to get going but wow what power. Great support for the product as well.

Paul DiCecco

Works Well ... Very Pleased.

I downloaded the plugin just a few days ago and I have to say I am very impressed. It works well and delivers on all its promisies.

Lionel Poizner

Perfect !

nothing to say, works like a charm on WP 5.5 !

Lionel Blondeau

Amazing support and powerful plugin

Just started the premium after testing with the free version. Jose’s support right from the beginning was absolutely fantastic. Out of the box already suits my needs and looking forward to using further. Thank you!


Great support

This is a really useful app and the support is very quick and effective.

Itai Palti

Awesome Support

This plugin is wonderful and very useful. I have purchased the pro version. The support is awesome! I really love working with Jose Vega. He was efficient and helped me solve everything I was having trouble implementing. I highly recommend purchasing the pro version of this plugin. Worth every cent!