Every platform must have a beautiful and suitable website. Here we show you how to create a marketing site with Elementor, which is a WordPress plugin that allows us to build pages quickly and easily.

On this homepage, you can highlight important features of your platform, show testimonials, sell your plans, add the sign-up and log-in buttons, etc.

marketing site with elementor
 Marketing Site


The first step to create your platform’s marketing site is to open the network’s main site.

Go to Network Admin > Sites.

On the Sites section, open the dashboard of the main site. Hover over the site with the Main tag and click Dashboard.

Once you’re in the main site’s dashboard, go to Pages > Add New. We’ll create a new page with Elementor free.

marketing site with elementor

Also, you can create other pages such as:

  • About
  • Contact
  • Other services
  • Blog
  • Etc.

You can configure this site as you want. But here we’ll show you how to easily create the homepage for that site.

In the new page, you need to:

  • Enter the page title.
  • Click Edit with Elementor.

Once you’re in Elementor, select a new page layout for the homepage:

  • Click Settings.
  • Select Elementor Canvas in Page Layout.

After selecting Elementor Canvas, you need to click the Add Template button to access the Elementor‘s templates library.

In the Library, you can select Blocks, Pages, or My Templates.

We’ll do it the easy way, so we need to select Pages and select the page template we want to use. Just select the page template you want and click Insert.

Now it’s just a matter of replacing texts, images, icons, etc. You can delete whole sections; the plugin will highlight the sections’ settings when you hover over them.

If you want to duplicate a button or any other element, right-click on it and select Duplicate.

Also, you can use the LayoutStyle, and Advanced tabs to edit any button, section, text, etc.

Once you’re done editing your homepage, just click Publish, and the page will be published on the main site of your multi-site network.

marketing site with elementor


We’ve seen how to create a homepage using a nice-looking page template by Elementor. You decide what appearance you want to give to your platform and how you want to present it to the world. You can use all free Elementor’s elements and your creativity to create a great page!

Don’t forget to mention all the features of your platform to convince people to sign up.