Manage Widgets from the Frontend in WordPress

Hi. In this tutorial we will show you How to manage Widgets from the Frontend in WordPress.

For this you need to install the plugin “WP Frontend Admin”. You can buy it here:

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Money back guarantee. If the plugin doesn´t work for you, simply let us know within 14 days of your purchase and we’ll refund 100% of your money.


  1. Go to the plugin page (In wp-admin´s left menu > WP Frontend Admin)
  2. In the plugin page you will see a shortcode like this: [vg_display_admin_page page_url=”XXXXX”]
  3. Create a new page (full width pages look better)
  4. Paste the shortcode in the page content
  5. In WP Admin, open the “Appearance > Widgets” page
  6. Copy the URL of the “Appearance > Widgets” page, and add it to the shortcode. At the end it will look like this: [vg_display_admin_page page_url=””]
  7. Publish the page
  8. Done.