Let’s see how to add a button to the front-end dashboard menu so that users of your online store platform can preview their live site.

We will also learn how to add a logout button to the menu.

To do this we will use two simple shortcodes created by the WP Frontend Admin plugin and add them to the frontend dashboard menu using the Shortcodes in Menu plugin.

Just follow these simple steps:

1- Open the dashboard site

Go to Network Admin > Sites and click Dashboard on the front-end dashboard site.

2- Add the “View site” button to the dashboard menu

These simple steps will help you add the view site button to the dashboard menu.

  1. Go to Appearance > Menus.
  2. Select the menu you’ll edit.
  3. In Add menu items, go to Custom Links.
  4. Enter the following shortcode in URL: [wp_frontend_admin_my_site_url]
  5. Enter View my site as the title for this menu item
  6. Click Add to menu.

One more thing: We’ll ask the menu to open the user site in another tab, so we need to go to the menu items, open the View my site item, and tick the Open in another tab checkbox.

3- Add the “Logout” button to the dashboard menu

  1. In Add menu items, go to Custom Links.
  2. Enter the following shortcode in URL: [vg_display_logout_url]
  3. Enter the title Logout for this menu item
  4. Click Add to menu.

This will add the Logout link to the dashboard menu. Finally, you need to click Save Menu to apply the changes.

That was easy!

With these simple steps, you will have quickly added the View my site and Logout buttons to the main menu of your front-end dashboard. Now users will be able to access their personal site on another tab and log out.