The plugin works perfectly with WordPress multisite.

You can activate the plugin network wide. You don’t have to activate the license when you create every new site, you can activate your license network wide.

However, you need Platform plan for this.

Tip. The shortcode works after you create new sites or duplicate an existing site. If you use a full URL in the shortcode, it automatically “ignores” the base path and shows the page from the current site. I.e. you can easily use the full URL of the “posts editor” in the shortcode on site A, clone the site to site B, and site B will show the posts editor of site B. You can also use relative urls in the shortcode, it works either way.

Yes. You can upgrade easily. 

1- Buy the higher plan (5 sites, 10 sites, unlimited sites license)

2- In the checkout popup, select the option “Renewing or upgrading a license”

3- Enter your current license

The system will automatically upgrade your license and charge you the difference only.

For example. You pay $49.99 for the one-site license and buy the unlimited-sites license a week later. The system will charge you the $unlimited price – $49.99.


1- Our plugin works with most plugins

2- You can start a free trial of our plugin and test it on your site

3- We provide live chat support if you experience any issues.

The annual license requires renewal, if the license expires the premium features are disabled automatically.

If you don’t want to renew, we can recommend you the “lifetime” license (pay once and use it forever).

Yes. Our plugin provides a shortcode and you can design your pages with any page builder (Elementor, Divi, Brizy, Beaver Builder, etc).

You can add tabs, accordions, popups, anything you want.

You just need to place our shortcode where the admin content should appear and it will work.

We have a gallery of frontend dashboard designs that you can import into Elementor to create your dashboard quickly.

The design depends on your theme or page template. Our plugin works with all the WordPress themes.

The pages created by our plugin are normal pages with a shortcode.

So you can add those pages to the top menu provided by your theme.

We have a gallery of frontend dashboard designs that you can import into Elementor to create your dashboard quickly.

You can use our gallery of designs as inspiration or examples of what you can do.

Yes. It’s very secure. We use the same permissions required by the wp-admin page.

1- When a guest user opens the frontend page, we automatically show an inline login form.

2- When they log in, they view the page.

3- If they log in and they don’t have permissions, they see a message indicating that they don’t have enough permissions.

For example. If you display the “general settings” page in the frontend, only users with the capability “manage_options” can see it (administrators).

Our plugin tells you the capability and role required for the page, so you can assign the role to the user or you can assign the capability to the user role using the “user role editor” plugin.

This way you can easily control the permissions. You can create custom user roles and limit access to specific pages. You are in full control.

Yes. Our plugin provides a tool to remove any element with one click.

You can remove fields from the post editor or any form, you can remove upgrade links, plugin logos, advanced options, anything that you don’t want the user to see.


1- Our plugin has the option to change the color scheme of the admin content, and we automatically make it more elegant (the option appears in our settings page on wp-admin > wp frontend admin > settings > appearance > color scheme)

2- We have the option in our settings page to add custom css, so you can freely customize the design of the admin pages shown in the frontend.

The default design looks great, our plugin automatically changes the colors to match your theme. So you don’t need to change CSS, this is completely optional for advanced users.

Yes. It works with all the wp-admin pages. You can show the gutenberg editor on the frontend, the customizer, settings pages, form builders, newsletter builders, the live editor of elementor, the live editor of any page builder, etc.

For example. You can allow your users to create sales pages with elementor completely in the frontend.

Our plugin has the option to restrict access to wp-admin by user role.

If the user is not allowed to access wp-admin, they are automatically redirected to the equivalent frontend page.

For example. If an author opens the direct wp-admin URL to create a post, they are redirected to the post editor on the frontend.

It just works.

Our plugin works perfectly with and without a membership plugin.

We provide you with 3 permission checks:

  • If the user is not logged in, we show a log in form
  • If the user is logged in but doesn’t have the required permissions, we show a message
  • If the user is allowed to see the page, we show the page

The 3 permission checks are enough for most sites. Only the allowed users will see the content of the admin pages.

However, the membership plugins provide handy features that integrate with our plugin nicely.

Our pages are normal pages and you can use membership plugins to restrict the access like any other page.

For example. Membership plugins are helpful for adding the billing system (creating “membership tiers” or charging users a monthly fee and disabling the frontend dashboard whey they don’t pay the fee).

No worries.

1- We have a 7-days free trial.

2- We have a 14-days money-back guarantee after the purchase.

So it’s 21 days of full protection. You can use the plugin on your site risk free.

If the plugin doesn’t work or you need more features, you can contact us and we will help you. All the messages are responded in less than 24 hours.

Even after the money-back period expired, if you report any issue and we’re unable to help you, we’ll send you a full refund.

1- You can check our tutorials here where we show the plugin working with all the popular WordPress plugins.

2- We have a gallery of frontend dashboard designs that you can see as examples.

3- You can try the plugin on your website for free, you can start a 7-days free trial here.

4- We have a demo video on our homepage showing how to create a frontend dashboard quickly.

5- We have a free course showing how to create a platform like Shopify from start to finish, using WordPress Multisite, WP Ultimo, WooCommerce, and WP Frontend Admin. Sign for free

If you want to buy the unlimited-sites lifetime option, we can give you a discount under some conditions. Please contact us.

No worries. The system will make the charge at the end of the trial, and you can continue testing the plugin. We have a 14-days money-back guarantee, so if you decide the plugin is not for you you get your money back.

Basically you can try it for 21 days with zero risk.

Yes. If you don’t want to use WordPress Multisite to build your platforms, you can use WordPress Multitenancy to manage standalone sites from a front end dashboard.

You can create multitenant platforms and configure a tenant/site as a global dashboard for the whole platform.

All tenants will be connected to the dashboard site and redirected to it when users try to open the wp-admin dashboard.

Our plugin is also compatible with Wildcloud through our multitenant mode.

Here’s a guide where you can learn how to use WP Frontend Admin’s multitenant mode with standalone/completely independent WordPress sites.

Here’s a guide where you can learn how to use WP Frontend Admin’s multitenant mode on Wildcloud.