Create frontend dashboards for WordPress

Best Seller plugin for Creating Frontend Dashboards  for regular WordPress sites, Multisite Networks, WaaS / SaaS platforms and Frontend Management of any site.

Display admin pages in the Frontend with One Click.

Convert WordPress plugins into whitelabel Web Apps Quickly

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Make money as a web platform developer

There are a lot of apps for businesses like Trello, MailChimp, Typeform, File hosting, and many others.

They are making a lot of money. You probably have clients, friends, or business partners paying hundreds or thousands of dollars per month for using those apps.

You can use our plugin to create Web Platforms using WordPress, and you can start making money.

Stop sending users to pay for third-party apps, and ask your clients to pay you instead.

How Does it Work?

1. Create a regular page

Create a page with any builder like Elementor, Divi, Brizy, or the normal editor; and just paste our shortcode with the URL of the admin content.

2. Edit Page

We will automatically display a live editor where you can remove elements with one click, edit texts, add the page to a menu, change the page title, URL, template, and more.

3. Easy customizations

Now the page is visible on the the frontend and you can change the frontend navigation and styles using the page builder. We have a gallery of frontend dashboard designs that you can import to create your platform quickly.

Create all Kinds of Apps and Dashboards

You can create all kinds of apps. There are more than 30,000 WordPress plugins. You can use all the plugins to create apps.

Photo Galleries

You can use a “photo galleries” plugin. Display the “gallery creator” page in the frontend and your users will be able to upload photo galleries and view the galleries

Email Marketing

Use the free “MailPoet” plugin, and display the mailpoet settings, list editor, and newsletter builder in the frontend. Your users will be able to create and send newsletters

Sell Products

Use the free “WooCommerce” plugin and display the products list, sale reports, and settings  page in the frontend. So your users can create stores and sell products from your app

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Analytics and Stats

Use the free “Monster Insights” plugin. Display the settings and reports pages in the frontend. Your users will be able to set up their Google Analytics account, view stats about web traffic from their site on your platform or their external website

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File Hosting

Display the WP Media library in the frontend and allow your users to upload files and view their uploads in the library.

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Use the free “Give” plugin, and display the donation form editor. Your users will be able to create donation forms and receive donations

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Events manager

Use the free “The Events Calendar” plugin and display the “attendees” page in the frontend. So the event managers can control the attendees from your app.

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Charts Creator

You can use the free “visualizer” plugin and display the “charts editor” in the frontend. Your users will be able to log in and create charts.

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Polls and Surveys

Use the free “CBX Polls” plugin, display the polls list in the frontend, and your users will be able to log in, create polls, and share the poll link with their friends

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URL Shorteners

Use the free “URL Shortener” plugin, and display the “short url” editor. Your users will be able to log in, shorten urls, and see their URLs in the frontend

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Sell Courses

Use the “LearnPress” plugin and display the “courses” page and editor in the frontend. So users of your app can log in, create, and edit courses.

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Website Creator

You can display multiple pages from WP Admin, like the posts list, themes, and settings page in the frontend. Your users will be able to log in, publish blog posts, create pages with elementor, and tweak their design.

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Our users love the plugin

Hi .This is a fantastic plugin.

With this plugin you dont need any front-end plugins any more. You can do everything on front end


Very useful plugin – saving a lot of time and bringing new possibilities.


I had been searching for a plugin like this for a while, and this one works flawlessly.

Highly recommend this well-made plugin for your project!


Support is Top Notch – Plugin is Very Useful. Live chat and top notch support for plugin. Great white glove service! Plugin is also very nice for membership sites so you don’t have to direct clients to the backend. Makes the site look much more professional.


I used this plugin to display admin posts-edit page on the front end. This allows my client to manage posts without being distracted by all the other menus/links in the WP admin dashboard. This makes giving my client directions on how to manage posts much easier. Excellent Plugin. Bravo to the authors of this plugin for excellent customer service!


Works very Easy and good support!


Works like a charme!

Hi, great Plugin > we use the premium version and it makes the moove of admin pages to the frontend easy as hell…

Nino D.

I really like this plugin. It gives front-end access to any page from the back-end very effectively. You will not be disappointed. The level of professionalism and timely support is outstanding.

Business Owner

Well maintained: We release at least one update per month. View changelog.

You are in good company: +1050 web apps created using the plugin.

WordPress Multisite: Most of our customers  have built apps using our plugin + WPMU

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