Welcome to this free course. We’ll show you how to build a fundraising platform using WordPress.

Using the free version of the GiveWP plugin, we’ll create a donations platform that will allow our users to get a membership on our multisite network, create donation forms, and share the donation form links to collect donations.

Besides GiveWP, we’ll use WP Ultimo to add a monetization system to our WordPress Multisite network. Basically, we will create a membership plan; our users will register on our network using that plan; and they will get a new site on the network from which they will create donation forms and collect donations. Something nice is that users won’t have to build the website from scratch, as we’ll build a template site that will be cloned automatically to every new site created on the network. They will just have to change the site logo.

Normally, a platform like this would require users to know how to use WordPress. But here’s where WP Frontend Admin comes in, since we’ll build a frontend dashboard for our donations platform. Instead of accessing the normal wp-admin dashboard, our platform users will manage their donations from a beautiful frontend dashboard built with Elementor.

Your users won’t have to deal with the boring and complex wp-admin dashboard; instead, you’ll build your own user interface for them to manage their donation sites.

Ready to create your own donations platform?

In the lessons of this course, you will learn the following things:

  • Which plugins you need to build a fundraising platform using WordPress
  • How to set up WP Ultimo 2 for a donations platform
  • How to build a frontend dashboard for the GiveWP plugin
  • How to build a WP Ultimo 2 Template site for your donations platform
  • How to restrict frontend dashboard pages based on the WP Ultimo plan.


If you have a premium license of WP Frontend Admin, you can download the full backup of the donations, so you can import it on your site and everything shown in this course will be already configured for you. It will save you a lot of time.