In this lesson, we will show you how to create a signup page for your fundraising platform built with WordPress.

Users who want to receive donations will need to register using this registration page. It will allow them to purchase the WP Ultimo membership plan, add site information, and complete the registration on your donation platform.

1- Get your signup form shortcode

When you install WP Ultimo on your multisite network, the plugin creates a signup form that you can use to create your signup page. Just copy the shortcode from the registration form.

Go to Network Admin > WP Ultimo > Checkout Forms.

Now click on Shortcode on the checkout form created by WP Ultimo.

Optionally, you can create a custom checkout form, but here we’ll use the default form.

Click on Copy Shortcode on the popup.

2- Add a new page on your main site

Go to Network Admin > WP Ultimo > Sites.

Click on See Main Site on your network’s main site.

Now click on Dashboard to open the wp-admin panel of your network’s main site.

Once you’re on the main site, go to Pages > Add New.

Enter the page title, select Elementor Canvas as the page template, and click on Edit with Elementor.

3- Design the registration page with Elementor

Once in the Elementor editor, you can design the page as you want. In this case, we’ll create a really simple signup page containing our fundraising platform logo and the registration form.

  • Add an Image element and upload your platform’s logo.
  • Add a Shortcode element and paste the shortcode you copied.

In this case, we’ll paste the following shortcode:


Once you’re done creating the page, you can Publish it.

This is what our signup page will look like once it’s published.

4- Set up the registration page in the WP Ultimo settings

Now you need to select the page you’ve just created as the default registration page in the WP Ultimo settings.

  1. Go to Network Admin > WP Ultimo > Settings > Login & Registration.
  2. Enable registration: Yes
  3. Default registration page: Select the page you’ve just created.
  4. Click on Save Settings.

We have created the signup page and set it up as the default registration page. Now our users will use this page when they create a new account on our donations platform.

In the next lesson, we’ll show you how to create a beautiful homepage for your fundraising platform.

Download the whole platform

If you have a premium license of WP Frontend Admin, you can download the full backup of our platform and import it on your site, so everything shown in this course will be already configured for you. It will save you a lot of time.

Note – You need WP Ultimo 2.x.