Welcome to the seventh lesson of our free course “WildCloud – How to Create a Multitenant eCommerce Platform”.

In this lesson, we will walk you through the checkout process to purchase a subscription on the ecommerce platform and create an online store.

We will do this to test the platform and show that, instead of logging in to the normal wp-admin dashboard, our users will be automatically redirected to the global front-end dashboard site, where they will be able to manage their online stores.

Just follow these steps:

1- Go to your storefront site. We have created a section to show products as plans, and when the user clicks on Get this plan, they´re taken to the product details.

wildcloud multitenant ecommerce platform

2- Open the subscription product details and/or add it to the cart.

For this example, we modified the “Add to cart” button to Get this plan. You can do that in the Subscriptions for WooCommerce plugin settings.

wildcloud multitenant ecommerce platform

3- Once you’re in the cart, click on Proceed to checkout.

Note – We have applied a 100% discount code we created in WooCommerce for this test.

wildcloud multitenant ecommerce platform

4- On the checkout page, you need to fill in the checkout form.

Be sure to enter the site name, which will also be the domain prefix that will be added to your site.

Note – You can later change the site domain in your subscription settings.

Finally, complete the purchase by placing the order.

wildcloud multitenant ecommerce platform

5- Once you place the order, you can go to My Account > Subscriptions and open your subscription’s details by clicking on Show.

wildcloud multitenant ecommerce platform

6- Once the Website status is changed to Ready, you can click on Login as [your username] in order to open your new site.

wildcloud multitenant ecommerce platform

And as we mentioned, you’ll be automatically redirected to the frontend dashboard site, instead of opening the normal wp-admin dashboard.

wildcloud multitenant ecommerce platform

As you can see, the subscription flow and the platform in general are working properly.

If your users want to change their site domain, they can do it in the Website details > Domain Name (Optional) field.

wildcloud multitenant ecommerce platform

Create a multitenant ecommerce platform with Wildcloud and WP Frontend Admin

Wildcloud and WP Frontend Admin allow you to create an eCommerce application, without having to use WordPress Multisite.

Multitenancy provides everything you need to keep your platform running smoothly, eliminating all the drawbacks of WP Multisite.

WP Frontend Admin allows you to create a global frontend dashboard that will simplify your clients’ site management.

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