Will I get WP Ultimo support when purchasing your plugin?

You will receive all the necessary support to integrate WP Ultimo with WP Frontend Admin. For example, if there are specific settings to use, or if a WP Ultimo setting is not working well with our plugin we will fix it.

But we are not the owners of WP Ultimo and we won’t fix errors that you find in WP Ultimo or add features to WP Ultimo or help with WP Ultimo configurations unrelated to the frontend dashboard (for example, payment gateways, etc). In that case, you can contact WP Ultimo and they will provide the technical support that you need.

There is an easy way to know who is responsible for an error. If the error happens when WP Frontend Admin is deactivated, it means our plugin did not cause it and we can’t help you. But if the error happens only when WP Frontend Admin is activated, it means our plugin is related to the error and we will resolve it for you as soon as possible.

Do you need help?

You can receive instant help in the live chat during business hours, or you can contact us and we will help you via email.