Getting a “Sorry, you are not allowed…” message when opening WP Ultimo “My Account” page

If you’re following any of our courses, chances are you will have to create the “my account” page on the front end dashboard, where users will manage their WP Ultimo membership.

If you come across an issue where the page only displays a “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page” this might be happening due to the following reasons:

You are using a WP Super Admin account to see it

Remember that the “my account” page is only created by WP Ultimo for users who have site subscriptions, so if you want to see this page as a super admin, you would have to create a subsite with your super admin account and assign it a WP Ultimo plan, so you have a real subsite to manage in the preview.

No active subscription for the user

Another reason is that you are testing the page with a user that was created on the backend or doesn’t have any WP Ultimo subscription yet. In this case, the solution is to register a real subsite in the front end following the regular sign up flow, so the user has a real subsite for testing.

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