Create a URL Shortener App using WordPress in 10 Minutes

In this tutorial we want to show you how to create a URL shortener web app.

This is crucial for programmers because at some point they may be asked to create a similar app and with these simple steps they could create an incredible app, easy to use, and in a very short time. That means the programmer will get good money without having to work for hours. Less than 10 minutes in fact. If that’s your case, great!

A similar situation would be if you yourself, without being a programmer, wanted to create an app to earn money by allowing your users to pay for a membership and use your app. In this case, we want to help you create the app without even knowing the ABCs of programming. You won’t have to pay a programmer an wait for weeks.

For this we must use these two plugins:

  • URL Shortener: This plugin is helpful to shorten your links. You can download it from here and install it on your WP site.
  • WP Frontend Admin: This plugin helps you create web apps without having to program anything. You can display any wp-admin page or any plugin on the frontend with just one click.
Try plugin for free

You can try the premium plugin on your website for free for 7 days.

After installing and activating the plugins, follow these simple steps.

1- Open the URL Shortener plugin

The first step to create your web app is open the URL Shortener plugin. For this you need to go to Short Links > Add Link.

2- View it on the frontend

Now you need to display this page on the frontend. And for this you don’t have to program anything, but click on View on the frontend.

Yes, it’s that easy. With just one click you can see the plugin on the frontend.

3- Configure and publish the page

The third step is to configure and publish the page. This is important because you need to select the page title, URL slug, template, and the menu to which you’ll add it. For this, the plugin will display a left side panel.

After that, you need to hide all the elements your users won’t need to shorten their URLs. For that, you just need to click on Hide element and on the elements you want to hide.

You will need to hide these elements:

  • The Add New Link text.
  • The Advanced options
  • The Screen Options
  • The Categories section
  • The Replacements section.

Once you have finished configuring the quick options and hiding the unnecessary elements, click Save to publish it.

4- Start using the app

In order to use the URL shortener, your users will need to log in.

Once they log in, your users will be able to create their short links. You can promote your new web app and get good money with this service.


Your app is ready! Now your users will be able to shorten their URLs. Authors will be able to share the links of your blog posts faster on social media without having to use other apps.

Try plugin for free

You can try the premium plugin on your website for free for 7 days.

Important Questions

1- Can I use other plugins to create web apps?

Yes. You can display any admin page on the frontend, and it works with all WordPress plugins.

2- Is the plugin compatible with page builders?

Yes. You can use it with other page builders such as Elementor, Visual Composer, Gutenberg, Divi, Beaver Builder, WP Page Builder, Page Builder by SiteOrigin, Oxygen, Live Composer, Brizy, and many others to create great sites.

3- What if I cannot see this page on the frontend after login?

If you can not view the page after log in, you need to use one of these roles: administrator, shop_manager, shop_accountant.

In case you don’t want to assign one of these roles, you can create a new user role with the User Role Editor plugin. This new user role needs the view_shop_reports capability.

Do you need help?

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