Understanding the Login Settings

Here’s an explanation of the Login Settings from WP Frontend Admin:

wp frontend admin login settings

Login Page URL (optional):

If you create a frontend dashboard, you can use the shortcode: [wp_frontend_admin_login_form] to display the login form on any custom page with your own design. You can enter the login page URL in this field, so users will be redirected to this page whenever they try to access an admin page on the frontend.

Login message:

When a user tries to open a frontend admin page without logging in, he’ll be shown this message together with the login form. You can edit the message, add text formats, images, etc.

Disable the logout redirection:

When the users log out, we’ll redirect them to the login page, or to the homepage of the dashboard site if the login page is not set. You can disable this redirection and the user will remain on the current page, but they will be shown the inline login form.

Advanced: Demo user:

If this is a demo site of your platform, you can enter the demo credentials here. This way, you can add a “View Demo” button on your website. And when users click that button, we’ll automatically log them in using these credentials. Just be careful because you might get locked out if you enter the wrong credentials. Also, don’t enter the administrator’s credentials because anyone would have access as an administrator. Only enter demo credentials that are safe to share publicly.

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