Solution to Common Errors

Here are the solutions to common errors you might face while creating frontend pages:

The admin content looks too small or has the wrong height

Some pages in the backend (wp-admin) are created to appear as full screen. For example, the gutenberg editor is full screen, some form builders, etc.

Those pages are created with 100% height, which means they don’t have a defined height, they take any space that’s available. So it’s normal that we don’t have a specific height for them when we display them in the frontend and they might look cut off or too small.

We have 2 solutions for that:

a) You can display the pages as full screen in the frontend.

You can go to our settings page > solutions to errors > full screen pages. And enter a fragment of the page URL in the option. For example, if the page URL is /wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=my_form . You can enter edit.php?post_type=my_form

Enter the list of URL fragments separated by commas. We automatically show as full screen the pages: wp customizer, elementor editor, formidable forms editor, wpforms editor (keywords: action=elementor, page=formidable&fr, page=formidable-styles, page=wpforms-builder, customize.php)

b) You can set a minimum height

You can go to our settings page > solutions to errors > minimum content height. And set a number like 700.

So the admin content will always be a minimum of 700px tall, which is the regular screen size for desktop computers.

The admin content loads full screen but I want it as regular content

You can go to our settings page > solutions to errors > disable full screen for these pages.

Some pages like the Elementor editor, the WordPress customizer, formidable forms editor, etc. appear as full-screen pages by default. Enter the wp-admin URL keywords to disable the full screen for specific pages. For example, enter post-new.php,post.php to disable the full screen for the Gutenberg editor (pages /wp-admin/post-new.php, /wp-admin/post.php)

One tab is taller than the other

Sometimes the admin content is very short and your page might look too small; for example, if you create a frontend page that includes tabs with different admin sections, a page can be too small and the other one may need more space. You can give these pages a fixed minimum content height so both pages have the same height, and the larger page won’t be affected.

You can go to our settings page > solutions to errors > minimum content height and enter a number of pixels. Example: 700

A preview page from another plugin is being redirected to the homepage

You can go to our settings page > solutions to errors > Which frontend URLs are allowed to load inside an iframe.

The admin content loads in an iframe, which is a separate window, so we detect when you want to view a homepage or frontend URL from the admin content and open it in the main window. But sometimes translation plugins or page builders need to load previews in iframes which should not be sent to the main window. You can use this option to allow those plugins to load pages inside iframes. Enter the keywords from the URL separated by commas. For example, if the page URL is, you can enter /preview-content/.

Tip: If you want to know if this is causing the problem that you are experiencing, you can activate the option “Disable the redirection of frontend pages to the main window” temporarily, which will disable this feature completely. If activating this fixes a problem, please contact us so we can apply a proper solution. Don’t leave this option activated, it’s just for debugging purposes.

Popups are opened with the wrong height or wrong position

You can go to our settings page > solutions to errors > Admin Popups CSS selectors

Sometimes popups on admin sections (from wp-admin) don’t open centered or are too tall or too small, you can add the CSS selectors here and WP Frontend Admin will try to center the popups and adjust the size automatically when they are opened.

If you don’t know what CSS selectors to use, open a support ticket and we will help you.

Do you need help?

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