Understanding the Appearance Settings

Here’s a description of the Appearance Settings from WP Frontend Admin:

wp frontend admin appearance settings

Admin CSS:

This CSS will run on the admin content, it will not apply to the general frontend page.

You can use this field to add additional customizations using your own CSS. For example, you can remove elements from pages, edit other design aspects, etc. You don’t need to add style tags, just add the plain CSS.

This will apply only to the admin content when you view it on the frontend, it will not apply to the backend.

Hide admin bar on the frontend:

By default, WordPress shows a black bar at the top of the page when a logged-in user views a frontend page. The bar lets you access the wp-admin, log out, edit the current page, etc. If you enable this option, we will hide that bar.

You can use the shortcode: [vg_display_logout_link] to display the logout link, or the shortcode [vg_display_logout_url] to display the log out URL and use it in a button or other places.

it’s recommended that you add a top bar as part of your dashboard design, so you can control the appearance and options in the top bar and use our shortcodes for the logout link, etc.

Loading animation style:

We have several loading animation styles. This loading animation will be shown to the users while the frontend pages load.

This applies only to the pages containing our shortcode, it doesn’t apply to the entire site.

Loading animation color:

You can select the animation color here. Just take into account the color contrasts; for example, if your page background is dark, the animation should use a light color; if it’s white, the animation can be any dark color. Of course, this depends on your preferences.

Admin JS:

You can add your own JS to customize the admin pages when they’re displayed on the frontend. You can move elements to place wherever you want, and make other types of customizations. Note: You don’t need to add script tags, just add the plan JS.

This only applies when the admin page is viewed on the frontend.

Clean Admin Look: Primary color for admin content:

This option allows you to customize the colors of the admin content in the frontend so it looks better and more elegant.

Also, when you activate this option we will simplify the general design to look better. If you leave this option empty, the admin content in the frontend will look similar to the backend content.

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