WordPress – Create Job Submissions on the Frontend

All human beings have an incredible potential to serve others through their abilities. That’s why companies are constantly looking for people with different talents to hire them and enable them to grow as people and as employees. For this, there are excellent tools that can help us post jobs so that our visitors can find job opportunities.

One of the best tools for this is the Job Manager plugin. It allows you to manage hundreds of jobs completely from the frontend. Even your users can create and offer jobs. Therefore, it can be really useful if you want to integrate several companies to hire people.

Here’s how to create jobs from the frontend with the Job Manager plugin.


The plugin automatically creates three pages: Jobs, Job Dashboard, Post a Job. Probably, you will need to go to the Menus section in wp-admin and add the pages to the menu you wish. Here are the pages:

1- Jobs

In the Jobs page, you’ll see the jobs you and your users have posted. Users can apply to the positions offered there.

2- Job Dashboard

In this page, your users allowed to post jobs will see the jobs they have created.

3- Post a Job

This is the page your users will need to post jobs. They will need to login in order to use the page and select the basic aspects of the new jobs such as the job title, location, type, description, etc.

When you finish creating it, click on Preview and if everything is fine, just click on Submit listing.

Simple but powerful

Job Manager is a simple but powerful tool. You can completely create a job platform in a few minutes.

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