What is the difference between the Standard Plan and Platform Plan?

Standard Plan

Used for single sites installation for small groups or businesses that want to show a backend page in the frontend so their employees and co-workers (or the user they need) can edit the backend information without the need to log in to the WordPress dashboard. (The previous was one of the most used scenarios, but our plugin can work for many others).

In other words, this is for regular WordPress sites, like WooCommerce stores, membership sites, community sites, etc.

Note, if you want to use the plugin on more than 5 standalone sites, you can buy the Platform plan. The platform plan will work on standalone sites too.

Platform Plan

This plan provides more features for WordPress multisite networks / platforms. This plan allows you to activate the plugin on unlimited sites and activate the license in an entire wpmu network of sites.

Also, if you’re using WP UItimo to build a SaaS platform (for example), our plugin will properly work along with it. Also, the platform plan gives you access to all frontend dashboard designs, which are not all available in the Standard Plan.

Also, it includes great features for networks like the ability to create one frontend dashboard for the entire network, dynamic menus to hide pages when a required plugin is deactivated, lock dashboard features based on the site plan, etc.

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