WPForms – Allow Users to Create and Edit Forms on the Frontend

We really love forms. They give us the opportunity to get important information with a few fields, and that’s why we love them so much.

In this article, we want to show you how to allow your users to create and edit forms on the frontend. Of course, we assume you’re a WP Forms user.

With this, your users will be able to create forms without having to deal with the backend in wp-admin. They will only need to login and manage your forms without losing the site’s look.

For this, you need to install and activate the WP Frontend Admin plugin, which allows you to see/edit any wp-admin page on the frontend with just one click.

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You can try the premium plugin on your website for free for 7 days.

Once installed and activated, you need to follow these simple steps.

1- Open WP Forms in WP-Admin

This is the first step you need to take. You need to go to WP Forms > All Forms in wp-admin. In this page, you’ll see your forms and the Add New button, which are the elements your users will need to create and edit the forms on the frontend.

2- View it on the frontend

To view this page on the frontend, you just need to click on View on the frontend. This will immediately display the All Forms page on the frontend. You don’t have to program anything, it’s that simple.

3- Configure and publish the page

Now you’ll see your All Forms page displayed on the frontend.

Our plugin gives you a Quick settings for wp-admin page panel on the left side of the screen where you can edit the page’s basic settings. For example, you can edit the Page title, URL slug, Page template, and the Menu where you want display this page on the frontend. Usually, we add it to the primary menu, but you decide where you want it.

It’s also possible for you to hide all unnecessary elements form your frontend page. For this just click on Hide element and then click on the elements you want to hide. You can hide the WP FORMS logo, the Screen Options, etc.

Once you edit the page’s quick settings, click on Save to publish your page.

4- See how your page looks

After publishing the new frontend page, your users will be able to see it on the menu you’ve assigned it. We’ve added the page to the primary menu, so our users will see it there. Now, when they click on it, they will need to login to be able to see it’s content.

Once logged in, your users will see the All Forms page where they can edit the existent forms and the Add new button to create new forms.

Once you click on Add New to add a new form, the forms creator will be opened. There you can select any of the templates or create a blank form. For example, you may want to create a Simple Contact Form, and the plugin already has a template for that.

Now you just need to configure the form, add the fields you consider necessary, and finally save changes.

After that, close the forms creator and all the new forms will appear on the All Forms page. It’s that simple.


See how easy it is to allow your users to create and edit WP Forms on the frontend. It’s just one click and some seconds to configure the page.

Try plugin for free

You can try the premium plugin on your website for free for 7 days.

Important Questions

1- Can I use other plugins to create web apps?

Yes. You can display any admin page on the frontend, and it works with all WordPress plugins.

2- Is the plugin compatible with page builders?

Yes. You can use it with other page builders such as Elementor, Visual Composer, Gutenberg, Divi, Beaver Builder, WP Page Builder, Page Builder by SiteOrigin, Oxygen, Live Composer, Brizy, and many others to create great sites.

3- What if I cannot see this page on the frontend after login?

If you can not view the page after log in, you need to use one of these roles: administrator, author

In case you don’t want to assign one of these roles, you can create a new user role with the User Role Editor plugin. This new user role needs the manage_options capability.

4- How many elements can I hide?

You can hide all elements you want. It all depends on what you need.

Just be careful not to hide elements you might need in the future.

5- What if I want to revert the elements I’ve hidden?

You can revert that. Just click on Revert below the Hide element button.

Do you need help?

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